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    For almost 20 years, Ryan McDonnell has made it his mission to give back to his clients and community throughout his career as a mortgage banker. Ryan and his top-producing team ? the McDonnell Mortgage Team at PRMG, Inc. ? are committed to helping countless buyers become homeowners using innovative strategies that most banks and lenders don?t offer.

    After identifying an educational need in the mortgage space, Ryan developed the exclusive home-buying strategy, called BuyerPower?. In competitive housing markets, many buyers are forced to place multiple offers or overbid, just to get their offer accepted. In comparison, MMT?s clients equipped with BuyerPower? are 5x more successful getting an offer accepted, routinely beating out higher offers, including those from all-cash buyers.

    ?Many homebuyers are unaware that their lender could be the reason why their offers keep getting rejected. We?re passionate to share how much of an advantage our BuyerPower? strategy gives our clients.? - Ryan McDonnell.