• Starting a Business Without A Degree: How To Make It Work

  • Offer Valid: 03/09/2023 - 03/09/2025

    Becoming an entrepreneur without having to go to college is certainly possible, and with the right knowledge and resources, anyone can make it happen. From using budget-friendly PDF tools to learning more about the industry you’re entering, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration in order to build a successful business, and the Hayden Chamber of Commerce can help. Here are some tips on how to get started.

    Keep Your Goals Realistic

    When starting out as an entrepreneur without a degree, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with ideas and ambition. While having big dreams is great, it’s important to keep them realistic and achievable. Take time to think through what you can realistically achieve within a certain timeframe, and create SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) that will help keep you on track.

    Choose the Right Business Entity

    It’s important to choose the right type of business entity for your venture. This is because different types offer various legal protection and tax advantages depending on the size and scope of your company. Consider speaking with an attorney or accountant to determine which type of business entity is best for you before making any decisions.

    Find Networking Events

    Networking events are one of the best ways for entrepreneurs without degrees to find potential customers or partners who could help their businesses grow. Keep an open mind when attending networking events, as there may be valuable connections made which could prove beneficial in the future. Additionally, when attending events make sure that you introduce yourself confidently so people remember who you are after leaving the event.

    Learn More About Your Industry

    In order to become successful in any industry it’s essential that you have knowledge about what being an entrepreneur entails. This means doing research on competitors, understanding market trends, and staying up-to-date on news related to your particular sector. Staying informed will help you get ahead of potential issues down the road while also giving you more confidence when discussing your business plan with others.

    Take Initiative and Build Confidence

    Taking initiative is key when running a business without a degree. This includes getting out of your comfort zone and seeking out new opportunities such as speaking engagements or meetings with potential investors/customers/partners. Being confident with yourself and your abilities will also go a long way in terms of building relationships; take notice of any compliments or criticism given by those around you so that improvements can be made where necessary over time.

    Get Organized With PDF Tools

    Being organized is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to be successful. This means organizing all documents related to finances such as invoices or tax forms in one place as well as using PDF tools, which make it easier for other people (i.e., banks/potential partners/investors) to access files from anywhere at any time. When it comes to migrating content from Word to PDF, you can utilize a converter tool to make the job a cinch.

    Learn About Your Tax Responsibilities

    One area that is not often discussed but should always be taken into consideration when running a business is taxes. Make sure that all tax paperwork is taken care of properly so there aren't any surprises come tax season. Additionally, consider researching potential deductions available which could save money over time if used correctly such as travel expenses or business meals.


    Running a successful business goes much further than a degree. By doing careful research and using the right PDF tools to stay organized, you can ensure that your goals are always within reach. Be sure to take the time to learn more about your financial and legal responsibilities so you'll have peace of mind as you grow your business.

    The team at the Hayden Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping small business owners reach their goals. Let us know how we can help you today.

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